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Success Steps For Disassemble Furniture When Moving

Success Steps For Disassemble Furniture When Moving


In all moving situations, furniture poses the most questions. Should I throw it away? Should I sell it? Should I move it?

If yes, which ones to take and which ones to leave? 

There are just too many questions brewing up in the mind. Doing any of the above, you would still need to disassemble your furniture unless you live on a huge plain with your furniture laying around under the open sky. 

The problem is, not a lot of people are aware of Disassembling the furniture in the right way and that leaves them either injured or in emotions as they bid farewell to their favorite part of the furniture piece. 

To make sure you are not facing such dilemmas in your next move or if you are having one soon, let us tell you the successful steps to take and disassemble furniture and be in control.

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Okay, so you have decided to move and your house is a museum of all the new and the rich-wood furniture. What do you do? 

The first step to disassembling furniture is to filter out the one you would need direly over the one that can be bought at a later time.

So, just take a notepad and start jotting down the beds, sofas, desks and all the other pieces of furniture you can lay your eyes on.

Once done, decide the ones you would need at any cost and the ones you can let go.

Keep in mind, moving all of the furniture would substantially increase the price of the entire moving process, needing a bigger truck, and more loading time by the Furniture movers.

There would be things which could be bought later at a cheaper price than the price tag they would incur during the moving process. 

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Space to Disassemble


So, you have decided the furniture you need to take and now it is time to disassemble it.

First of all, measure the furniture dimensions and see if the place it lies in can be made spacious.

If there are some small furniture or other items around, make sure to slide them out of the room and bring you furniture that needs to be dismantled in the center.

By doing this, you would have enough space to play around and make sure you can disassemble all the pieces precisely and without any trouble. 

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Have the Right Tools


Now, you have your queen size bed or any other furniture lying around in the center.

What’s next? It is time to see which tools you would need and having them at close-hand to make the process a swift task.

Having your hammers, wrenches, and the screwdrivers would make sure your disassembly process is much faster and tidy. You can even keep sealed bags around to put all the nuts and bolts and any other small item you may get while dismantling the furniture.

A one step further would be labelling each sealed back with the furniture name so when putting it back in your new home, the task is much faster and convenient.

Lastly, if your furniture came with the instruction manual, it is a good option to have especially if your furniture piece is an innovative set needing some help while disassembling it. 

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Safety Comes First


Now, once you are starting out with the dismantling process, it is better to always start with the bigger chunks of the furniture; the legs, arms and any other boards which frame the entire furniture.

Doing this will not only help you do it effectively, it will also save your aiding pieces and parts of the furniture from damage.

A lot of times while taking out such parts away, they tear out and even end up cracking on the sides.

By taking out the sides and the supporting parts out first, it would help keep the whole furniture safe and the process tidy. 

If there is glass involved, make sure you take great care in taking it out. Also, once out of the furniture, you can place it between soft towels or any padded material to make sure it is safe from breakage and also not a threat to your safety.

Packing it securely will make it durable for the movers while placing it in the truck. Another option can be to label the packing so Furniture movers can be extra careful. 

There are some parts of the furniture which would not come out. An example of these would be the drawers or cupboards which can pop out without a notice.

This can be dangerous while stepping down the stairs or even loading it inside the truck.

To make sure such incidents do not occur, taping the furniture can help reduce the risk. 

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