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    You don’t have to go through the exhaustive process of picking out the right moving services company for yourself anymore. We are doing that for you.

    Before the internet, people had to find suitable moving companies through word of mouth and the Yellow pages.

    You can trust referrals, but other than that, there was no other way of finding out whether the company you are hiring is reliable or not.

    Once the internet came in, people would hop from forum to forum and spend hours browsing through company pages sifting through reviews on Yelp, Google reviews to ensure that the company is legitimate.

    As a matter of fact most of the companies represented at Yelp are not licensed and insured, so you don’t even know what company you are dealing with and they do not take any liability at all.

    But you don’t have to go through that painstaking process anymore.

    EVOM brings all the moving companies to you with a click of a button.

    But these are not just any run of the mill house movers, these are high quality licensed and insured moving companies that went through the background check process in order to be approved and use Evom platform.

    This means that we provide no room for them to mess up your move because they will be accountable to the state of California that issued their licence, insurance companies in Los Angeles and around the country.

    Add The Details Of Your Move For More Accuracy.

    With our app, we want to make sure no one’s time gets wasted. This is why our filter options are detailed yet concise. 

    This helps us ensure that you are getting precisely what you want. 

    You can add the time and date of your move, the items you have, if you want to get your things packed or not, pick of your items, all the pick up and drop off locations along with the size of your belongings.

    This way, we are able to link you to the moving company that matches your requirements accurately.

    Don’t Worry About Changing Your Details.

    We understand that things can come up at the last minute, whether you are a customer or a moving company. 

    This is why we give you the option to make changes and notify the other party immediately through the app. 

    As we said before, we do not like to waste anybody’s time, and efficiency is our currency. 

    This is why the quicker you can notify us of any changes, the better it is.

    However, you have to remember to notify the other party through the app as soon as something comes up because if you make changes when they are ready to start, it will result in a bad review.

    A bad review can really affect the company’s ability to match with more customers and vice versa.

    Any moving company represented at Evom platform

    Understand Our Recommended Price Range For Your Move:

    There is one thing you need to remember in terms of pricing when it comes to moving, there is no fixed charge. Every moving company has its own pricing and the recommended price that Evom calculates on the platform is purely based on the following information you entered, which can vary during the move, depending on how accurately you entered it:

    The Distance Between All The Locations


    The number and Size Of
    Your Items


    The Map Of
    Your Building, stairs, elevator


    Services such as packing, extra heavy items

    Any moving company represented at Evom platform

    All The Moving Services Companies At The Platform Offer The Following Services:

    Local Moving

    All the licensed and insured moving companies represented at Evom platform cover any area in More

    Apartment or Large Mansion Moves

    Our in-house Evom recommended price range formula can help you to get an idea on how much More

    Mobile Home Moves

    Global pandemic changed our approach on where to live and mobile home is considered as one More

    Small & Mini Moves

    All companies represented on the platform specialize in the moving and packaging of mini and small moves.

    Office moves

    Whether it’s your home office or maybe your company wants to changed the corporate office More

    Storage to Storage Relocation

    We understand that sometime it takes longer than expected to find a new home so you would More

    EVOM All-Inclusive Package

    Using our application’s filters, you can let all the moving companies at the platform know the services you are looking for. Maybe you want your furniture disassembled, your belongings packed, and then shifted to the van or you have oversized/extra heavy item. However, you can just opt for our all-inclusive package. This will include the mover disassembling all of your furniture, pack everything up carefully, bring their own packing supplies, move everything to the truck, and then transport everything to your new place.

    Our team at EVOM is constantly striving to make moving easy for you. We understand how difficult and exhaustive the entire process is. This is why we are trying to simplify and fine-tune everything so you can invest your time and energy in other aspects that might need your attention.

    About Additional Moving Services

    • You can communicate with matched Moving company using the built-in Evom chat, that would help you to describe any additional information the company should be aware of prior to the start of the move
    • Fragile and valuable items transportation such as paintings, chandeliers, and antiques in custom made crates made by professional carpenters
    • Full packing and unpacking services

    “Enjoy convenient and reliable moving services at your home or office.

    All You Should Know About Moving Services

    EVOM is a marketplace that helps clients connect with licensed, certified, and insured moving companies. It does this by offering all property types and household mover plans. Once done, the client chooses the type of property, the amount of furniture and other items to take in the truck, and lastly, measure the costs. 

    Now, you don’t have to worry about paying before the service is done.

    EVOM will help you in facilitating your move without any problems. If you need to consult us before your move, get in touch with us by visiting or by emailing us at


    Looking forward to your move at EVOM App? But don’t know how much it will cost you?

    The moving company costs depend on what move you are opting for, a local move will cost you anywhere around $300 to $1,500, and the cost changes depending on how big the move is. On the other hand, if we talk about a long-distance move then it can cost you anywhere around $2,400 – $5,000 again depending on how big the move is, and cross country moving costs will be fundamentally more than moving to a close-by state.

    EVOM provides regular updates through its app for clients and movers, and you can track your move without any problems.

    Make certain the mover has your contact number, including the mobile phone number(s), and provides you with contact data for your move facilitator, or other individuals accountable.

    Keep that data saved with you during the move to make sure you have control and effective communication throughout the process.

    EVOM’s application will have all the information saved in case you need to reach out to the movers.

    It is well known that the industry tipping standard is 15% or more. It is all based on the quality of service

    It is best to tip each mover $4-5 per hour of work.

    This means that:

    • A half-day move which is 4 hours or less is $ 20 per person
    • A full day which is 8 hours would make $40 per person
    • 12 hours or more would make for $50- 60 per person


    Average Cost of a Moving Company

    • If you are hiring a company for in-town moves then the charges will be hourly, the average charges for an in-town move is around $50 to $200. In the end, the hourly moving rate depends on the number of folks required to finish the work.


    • On the other hand, if we talk about a small studio or little one-room loft normally requires 2 laborers and requires 2-3 hours to finish with a rough last expense of $150 to $400. A bigger 2-3 room home may require 6-10 hours, require 3-5 laborers, and cost around $600 to $2,000.


    • Most of the long-distance moving organizations charge by the all-out weight or volume of your unit products. The expense of moving a house can go from $600 up to several thousand relying upon the size and distance of the move. 


    • A little one-room will ordinarily weigh around 2,000 lbs and cost somewhere in the range of $600 for two or three hundred miles to $2,500+ for a cross-country move. A 2-3 room home will normally weigh 5,000lbs with inexact costs going from $1,700 to $7,000 contingent upon the distance.


    • Other than that things like transport trucks, packing, bulky items can add more charges to your total moving cost. Moving to Los Angeles or from other out of less populated zones like Montana or the Dakotas will regularly cost more since fewer movers travel to these territories.



    There is never one specific rate for apartment movers to charge during moves. Usually, the standard cost of a one-bedroom apartment move is $100 per hour for two movers. However, this will vary on several different factors.

    The distance that you are moving

    The weight, size, and number of items being moved

    The amount of work you require

    The season of the move