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We understand how hard it is to make big moves. Even more tedious is finding a company that takes care of all that for you. EVOM connects you to the right movers in Los Angeles that correctly matches your requirements, ensuring that whatever the size of your move; you get the best in value, best in quality movers in your area.
With years of quality service that speaks through our testimonials, EVOM is the right platform for you if you find searching for movers a tedious process. Whether it is a mobile home or a large mansion, our network has all sorts of movers for your needs.

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We believe in providing goal-oriented solutions that meet customers’ expectations and provide a great customer experience. With a smooth and fluid experience, our app guides you every step of the way so that you get exactly the kind of mover you are looking for.


Evom is an on-demand marketplace that facilitates individuals to connect with the most trusted licensed/insured moving companies all over Los Angeles! if you need to move a studio apartment, 1 bedroom apartment, or 8-bedroom mansion, Evom helps you find the best moving company irrespective of the size of your move. Our focus is to take the stress out of making big moves and provide you with the peace of mind that your goods and personal belongings will arrive at your home as fast and safe as possible from a tap on your phone.


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Linus Torvalds, May 15, 2021

My home move was hard to plan. The kids were away and my wife and I were unable to start the packing process. It was a lot of furniture and the few trips to Home Depot for the moving supplies made me feel this would never end. So, I started to see if I could hire some local packing services and stumbled upon EVOM web-app. This platform helped me with the entire process. The moving company I selected was highly professional and fast. After the relocation, all my furniture was neatly placed into its new home. Thank you EVOM. My kids say hi for taking care of their parents.

Clark Middleton, May 15, 2021

Our office is a super cozy developers’ hub, with a lot of computer systems and machinery which needs to be handled well. When we had to move, I was highly concerned as some of my friends had previously mentioned their grudges with local movers. So, I searched online and found EVOM. The all-in-one moving app was something I liked the most. From the office moving quote to the unloading and even reassembling, we did not have to do anything. All was taken care of by the professional office movers from EVOM’s web-app. A happy client!

Humphrey Bogart, April 19, 2021

They made our townhouse move effortless. I mean, it was just a full-service display from the townhouse moving company we hired through them. The packing started and within no time, we started loading. There was a mini office which I had for my clients and it needed some disassembling. These guys took care of it like professionals as well. Our precious items were also neatly packed and placed to prevent any damage. Overall, I am pleased I hired a moving company using Evom marketplace for my townhouse move. Thanks, EVOM.