Moving Services

Hire a local moving company using EVOM web app

For as long as we have known it, the ordeal of moving has proven stressful to almost everyone. The management of property and finances, the feeling of a home scattered all around, albeit momentarily, the sheer amount of logistical angles and, of course, the emotional toll, all come together to make us dread the process entirely. As one might expect, businesses exist that can do the physical labour for you. As one might also expect, there is an app for just about everything today. EVOM is an online platform created to connect these moving companies with potential customers in a friendly, collected and comfortable environment serving the people of Los Angeles.


The basics

EVOM lets credible,reliable,licensed,insured moving companies register onto the selling end of an online marketplace established exclusively for moving companies and their customers. On the other end, parties from all over LA looking to get their goods moved are led through a brief sign-in process via the EVOM web app. Customers are required to enter only very necessary information and a moving crew is sent to their location at a time they would choose.


What services are sold on EVOM?

The moving companies registered on the EVOM database all offer a variety of fundamentally similar services. Office managers can opt for office moving services, apartment owners are directed to apartment movers. In broad strokes, customers tell the movers the to and from locations, the quantity and the sizes of items that have to be moved. The company manages pricing, which depends on the magnitude of the project, the number of moving personnel and the hours required for the whole maneuver.


Who is buying?

Among the myriad of ways the present pandemic has affected our lives is the impaired process of moving to a new home or commercial space. Going out is greatly limited by regulations and it is of utmost importance that anyone you interact with is not risking your and your family’s health. Due to health safety concerns, people who want to move are justifiably cautious about visiting tens of movers’ offices in their search for affordability, reliability, hygiene and smoothness in the relocation. EVOM serves hundreds of LA citizens from all spheres of society every day by bringing a multitude of flexible options to the palms of their hands so they can hire help for their own unique moving needs.


Moving goods (and hearts)

Users should be mindful that, like most businesses in this line of work, the moving businesses registered on EVOM are not exclusively for cases of moving goods that occupy entire spaces; services can be acquired for any sort of heavy goods, luggage or furniture moving between homes, offices and even storage facilities. This means that registered businesses get to maintain their daily number of contracts and revenue, and even supplement it a great deal. Many EVOM users make use of this versatility every day and their immense satisfaction contributes to the social warmth of the EVOM community.


An E-commerce wonder

The obvious core purpose of the EVOM web app is to ease the arduous browsing for moving companies that precedes the actual move. However, the app has been the subject of constant development for quite some time and now boasts more than a few very useful features. For instance, comparing quotes from moving companies is made extremely easy so users can get their moving services with minimal expenditures. Secure and smooth transactions are facilitated by the web app for our clients’ and their customers’ peace of mind. The app even allows listings for movers to always be accompanied by organic reviews and ratings from previous contracts, to help browsing customers choose the best options for their needs.


EVOM’s pride

With a rapidly increasing number of satisfied users all over LA, EVOM is a project rooted in the insights of veterans of the house movers market. Citizens with even isolated experiences in moving will be well aware of the hassle that is considered inevitable in dealing with unreferenced moving companies and their staff. It is also extremely impractical to contact several moving companies to get an idea of the pricing and avoid being overcharged. In the bustling metropolitan system of Los Angeles, it gets difficult to make decisions with a clear head when your options are scattered and sporadic. As in many other business markets, web apps like EVOM revolutionize a link in the chain by creating an easily accessible and navigable database. EVOM clients are moving companies based in the LA area, reputed for upholding modern standards for excellence and quality of service. With hundreds of contracts completed every day, it is for these reasons that EVOM successfully pleases businesses and customers alike and helps LA run smoother.